With their full suite of creative services, UviaUs has helped create boxes with flip-open magnetic handles to multiple-sized brochures with built-in video players—increasing ISO Interactive’s brand recognition, exclusivity, and longevity.

UviaUs & ISO partnered project 

ISO Interactive develops award-winning projects for traditional development and emerging technologies. These are typically for startups, agencies, and companies. From soup to nuts, we work on things like the Coca-Cola site management system, Xbox mobile Apps, Fortune 500 employee management platforms, and very specific startup app-type projects. We want to stay in the minds of our clients (like all the time if possible). Business cards, mailers, and emails were simply not enough. What are the chances that someone will keep a business card on their desk? Maybe if it was a super special card made of gold. However, most of them get thrown in a file or worse, straight in the trash. So, we came up with a special box. It looked like the kind of box software used to come in (if you are old enough to remember that). When you opened this mysterious box, it revealed an entire office. Yes, an office!